Monday, December 29, 2014

Paper Dolls; My New Hobby!

Hi lovely people,

I might look like an useless girl, but I do innovate and look up for hobbies. A long time ago I wanted to sew, which results in this:

Looks like a haunted doll.
It might be not the perfect one for me, I am an impatient one and have problems with being tidy. But I wanted to make a doll by myself so bad, and I thought; what if we used glue instead of sewing?

Using clothes, it won't be nice if I just glued it. Then why don't we change the materials into something we can glue?

HVS paper is okay, but when I tried to fold it, it just couldn't stand up and wasn't strong enough. I looked for another materials and found out that the buffalo carton fits my will perfectly.

I made the design on computer, and kept failing and failing until one day, I succeed with the pattern and made my first paper doll.

Still messy.
I couldn't resist taking a selfie with my first creation. 
And I tried again, again and again until without realizing I already created a lot of paper dolls. And here are some of my creations, feel free to check it out and give me feedbacks in the comments! Just don't be too harsh, because I'm a human with feelings too.
Pentatonix, a group filled with incredibly talented people.

The Sisters of Arandelle wants to meet you!

My childhood friends! 
A posing Queen Elsa.

And here are some pictures of me and my works. Yeah, I love taking pictures! It's like stopping the time; and you can experience a moment again and again.

Yes, we're twins.

Two Nobitas?
These hobbies are just to fulfill my holiday. I sometimes sell them to my relatives and friends, but I don't really want to focus on it for now. Because my study is the first priority, and I have to hold on my commitment and promise.

Anyways, don't let boundaries stop you from creating! Look for alternatives, and try them until you're satisfied; which you shouldn't be.

Have fun with your creativity, and who knows, you might have a business because of the creations you made?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

This is real, this is me.

I would like to thank you for willing to click my blog and scroll through it. It's an honor, you know!
I used to have another blogs, but I kept forgetting about them and life made me busy so that I didn't have time to write.
Writing, it does is effective to release everything held back. Sometimes, we have that things and insecurities we couldn't talk about, and not everything can be told through live conversations. Not everyone are extroverts; and I really understand how difficult it is to start talking first and telling someone about myself. I even couldn't answer questions like, 'what things do you like about yourself?' 'What do you  think about yourself?'
This blog is for me expressing myself and it's all about being honest. Through the clouds, through the rains, through the storms, and also through the smiles and sparkles.
I'm not a good writer, but I do will try my best, and who knows, you might find out certain things about me.
Okay, now I would like to introduce myself; and so should you in the comment box! :)
My parents gave me a wonderful name, Hanna Christina Uranus. You can call me Hanna; that's what they usually do. I was established in 1996 and I'm so proud to be Indonesian.
I'm someone God created with love. Special and different in my own way, I'm loving my life now surrounded by people who matter, and I'm forever grateful to God for teaching many lessons to make me a strong and tough warrior.
If you're still reading, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I like to be seen and I like to be heard, you know.
These are what I want to say for now, keep up with me and I'll see you in the next post!