Monday, December 28, 2015

Find The Paradise Within Lombok

Hey guys,

So it's almost new year! Phew, 2015 was unexpectedly cool. Not everything went smoothly this year, though. To be honest, I don't even know whether to be scared or excited for next year.

I'll just keep my finger crossed and hope for a joyful 2016.

I had and am still having a very long holiday. It lasts for 2 months! Awesome, right?! We went through this luxury since we finished the final exams last December, and I think that this is the perfect time to explore things.

My family already made a plan for a vacation since a month ago. At first, we wanted to choose Singapore as our destination. That's okay with me, I like that!

Somehow, Lombok came across our conversations and after googling it, we found it very beautiful. We haven't try it yet as well, so why not?

Yep, the place is settled, and so are the dates. Wait for us at 25-28 December 2015, Lombok!

And after visiting Lombok, I really have to recommend it to you guys! This is like the heaven for nature lovers. Well, this is such an honor to experience the breezing wind, the rain in the middle of the sea, the gorgeous flying sea birds, the traditional gazebo people use to gather seen everywhere...

Oh well, I guess I should tell you more about the awesome places there!

1. Rambitan/ Sade Village

It looks different from the busy city, right?

You will feel how the the traditional culture was still dominant when you got here. We were welcomed by a local guide and he guided us around.

The tribe from Lombok is named the Sasak tribe. They really have an unique tradition. When a bride and a groom want to get married, the man has to 'kidnap' the girl first for a while without letting the girl's family know. Then, after being kidnapped, the man and the girl went with a lot of people celebrating it while walking to the girl's parents. It's so awesome right? My guide said that Lombok boys all are woman's stealers. (^_^)

These are the buildings seen there.

Lombok's trademark roof form.

That roof is identical in Lombok, and almost all roofs is shaped like that. That was the storage for food and harvests.

The houses are actually also shaped similar to that. When you go inside, you have to bow first because the entrance was made so low.

That's not a coincidence. They made you to bow first because you have to appreciate the house's owner. That's why the entrance door is also made so small. I love how respectful they are!

I tried sitting on the gazebo as well.

This is a gazebo in the middle of the village. We can find this kind of gazebo everywhere (not only in this village). Most people put the gazebo in the front or beside their house. People usually gather and have a chit-chat there. That was the togetherness I can't find in Jakarta, the place I'm living right now.

Most young people of the village can already speak Indonesian, but most elders cannot because they didn't have the chance to go to school. But, the elders can undestand some very basic statements because they often hear it from the tourists.

A female elder impressed me by saying, 'be careful when you step inside, it is very low. It will hurt if you hit your head with the wood.' She and the people there really have empathy for others!

The roofs are made with thatch, and each roof has to be changed every 8 years. And when someone has to change the roofs, the whole village people will gather and work together. They help and tolerate each other.

I can find wood near every houses. The guide told me that it was for them to cook and make fire. But, they already have electricity, though.

Most woman gain profit from making art and crafts.

They are so talented in producing crafts!

I saw the process but it seemd really difficult. We really need to appreciate how talented the people are, there!

2. Pusuk Monkey Forest

The surroundings at the forest.

We have to through a very archy road to get there. Along the road, you will see monkeys sitting still at the sidewalk. I felt like they were welcoming us.

There is a spot we can stop and interact with the monkeys. The monkeys there also have a leader, just like human. And when the crowd gathers, the tiny fluffy creatures usually went below because they know humans will feed them.

They climbed downwards the trees and approached us.

I find them very cute, this reminded me of how awesome God is! With the gorgeous nature and the animals, the world's complexity is so priceless.

Mr. Monkey took it slowly but gently.

Unlike my expectation, the monkeys are so gentle! They took a peanut from my hand very slowly and gently. It felt like I was shaking hand with a cute puppy. Perhaps, monkeys are more 'gentleman' than humans? HAHA.

But don't try to mess with the biggest monkey there (red: the leader and the head tribe). He bullied other monkey and screeched at humans.

Anyways, I really loved the experience interacting with real wild and gentle monkeys!

3. Gili Trawangan

Welcome to the island!

To get to the Gili Trawangan, which is an island, we could choose the water track as an alternative. It is much faster than using the land vehicles

I do think that this is an authentic sensation.

The boats are small but comfortable, we could enjoy the breezing wind while looking at the calming ocean scenery around us.

Hello sir, thank you for helping and leading through the one hour boat journey!

I literally got hyped once I got there. The old island vibes is so cool! People playing guitar everywhere, and the buildings looking so classical. It is completely wonderful, the vibes I want to feel for so long!

Crowded yet relaxing

Ah, another awesome fact from Lombok? Do you see the cart pulled by a horse? That's called a Lombok Ferrari! They can be seen everywhere, and that's a very unique name. Most people remember it because they found it extraordinary.

The turtle conversation you also can see.

You can rent a bicycle and explore the island, or you can do things like water sporting. I did snorkling, and did enjoy it. If you are thinking of snorkeling but you're scared, I must say that it is worth trying to fight your fear.

I saw this bundle of prettiness directly in front of my nose.
Feeling like a mermaid once in my life.
4. Pink Beach

Feeling like I'm on the top of the world!
You can find the pink sand, the clear ocean, and a hill to enjoy more views. No, I wasn't drunk. The sand has literally pink particles on it!

To go to the Pink Beach, you have to go through a short boat journey.
An eye-catching sign to throw away the trashes at the right place.
This is one cool kind of a harbour.

And yes, when you got there, taking candid pictures is a must. The hill and the pink sands is one of a kind. Be crazy and silly but remember to be polite and not throwing dirt away.

Palm trees, palm trees everywhere.
look at how pretty the hill is.
The same sensation I feel when I'm in love, I guess.
5. Waterfalls at Mount Rinjani

My two lizard toys I bought from a souvenir shop. I named them Pret (male) and Piyut (female), inspired from beautiful farts' sounds :D.

At Mount Rinjani, there are two waterfalls you can encounter. The first one is named Sendang Gile Waterfall and the second one is Tiu Kelep (it means the fairies, 'bidadari') Waterfalls.

To go to the first one, we have to through stairs. This one is not slippery, so no need to worry. There will also be a guide to accompany you, if you want to. Along the journey, I can see the mountain forest around me. Trees everywhere, and it also meant fresh air! Let's take a deep breath and enjoy every step.
Gazebos found almost everywhere.
Ain't the nature pretty?!

After taking the stairs for a while, we will encounter the Sendang Gile waterfall. Let's take another pictures while we're here.
Sendang Gile Waterfall
After the first waterfall, we should choose whether we want to continue the journey to the second one or not. I absolutely want to continue. I mean, enjoy the moment while it lasts, right?

The road to the second spot is not as smooth as the first one.

I feel like Tarzan!
Encountering another visitors,
Get lost, get found.
And, after struggling with the slippery stones, the hard water flows and my own frightening minds, I finally get to approach the second waterfall! Yes, it was definitely worth it!

Insanely breathtaking!

I told you that it was awesome! You should definitely come to Lombok when you have the time, and when you do, you should bring a waterproof camera, sunblock, a hat/sunglasses, short pants and dresses, and of course, a lot of excitement!

Thank you for the sweet memories, Lombok, see you when I have the chance again!

Until we meet again!

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Aku memulai 1 dengan harap-harap cemas.
Sanggupkah aku?
Entahlah, aku tidak ada pilihan lainnya

Oke, mungkin aku bisa.
Hidup memang butuh perjuangan
Bohong kalau aku tidak mampu

Rasanya aneh aku berada disini
Semua baik-baik saja
Namun aku merasa aneh

Aku terus maju
Aku tidak mau diam di tempat
Ya Tuhan, aku harus bergerak

Aku kesepian
Semua orang baik dan tersenyum
Tapi aku tidak nyaman

Aku masih bisa maju
Tapi, ini hidupku
Mari, dobraklah batas 'normal'

Jangan hanya melaksanakannya dalam kata
Tabraklah dan lakukanlah sesuatu
Jangan ragu, untuk sekali saja dalam hidupmu

Aku sudah meruntuhkannya
Tembok batas wajar dan rasa malu itu
Ia sudah hancur, aku pergi

Rasanya aneh
Lompatan yang telah kulakukan
Sungguh, aku merasa aneh

Diriku bingung
Mungkinkah aku akan menyesal
Aku takut, Tuhan

Jalan mulai terbuka
Duniaku baru
Perlahan, diriku menjadi baru

Aku sudah melewati 1 dan 11
Boleh juga, pikirku
Aku terus bergerak

Kalau aku bisa sampai di 11
Aku pasti sanggup menuju 1
Terima kasih, Tuhan

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